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We're agile!

As an agile organization, we follow our scrum rituals religiously. Here are some of the user stories that we have worked on.

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As a potential customer, I want to see animated illustrations of the product so that I understand its features.
As a student, I want to check my progress report on a regular basis so that I can work upon the areas which need improvement.
As a loan seeker, I want to get a loan quickly in less than 3 clicks so that I don’t have to waste my time on lengthy bank queues and approvals.
As a professor, I want to be able to upload and update my weekly batch timings using Webflow CMS
As a property buyer, I want to be see property prices in bitcoin so that I can purchase them using cryptocurrency.
As a shopper, I want to filter clothes by categories on this Webflow site so that I can find what I want easily.
As a craver, I want to check out nearby dishes that are shared for free and dishes that are currently available so that I can order them.
As a marketing expert, I want to setup page templates in Webflow so that I can create PPC pages and launch marketing campaigns quickly.
As a reader, I want to login through social media and comment on the blog I am reading so that I can share my thoughts with the community.

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